Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Book - The Business of Sustainability

Dr. Dan Fogel, Chairman of the EcoLens Group has been a contributing editor of The Encyclopedia of Sustainability's recently released Volume II: The Business of Sustainability.

The Business of Sustainability is a core resource for business and economics students, policy makers, members of the development community, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives. Corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and business professionals are recognizing the business opportunities in providing solutions to the world’s environmental and social challenges. Awareness of sustainability pressures is encouraging innovation and creating competitive advantage, while sustainability itself is being re-framed with an explicit pro-business agenda based on the power of innovation rather than the old notion of trade-off (if business wins, society must lose). Contributing authors—who include John Elkington, Hunter Lovins, and many other leaders in business, management, and environmental studies—highlight the value-creation opportunities in their respective areas, providing a body of shared knowledge to be updated in the years ahead. The Business of Sustainability provides rich analysis of how sustainability is being factored into industries across the globe, with enlightening case studies of businesses that are serving as agents of change.

Edited by Chris Laszlo (volume editor), Dan Fogel, and Peter Whitehouse.A Project of the Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit at Case Western University ISBN 978-1-933782-13-3 October 2009 Price US$135.00

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